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6 thoughts on “ No Trace - Fight Amp - Keystone Noise Series #4 ”

  1. Juhn says:
    Jul 13,  · We had a great time exploring some local trail with our 4runner Expedition Club in Tulsa OK.
  2. JoJoran says:
    Sep 08,  · Metal Injection has premiered a new Fight Amp song this morning. “No Trace” is the A-side to the band’s new 7” vinyl release via Reptilian Records (Hatebeak, Legendary Divorce, Cutthroats 9). The 7” which officially drops today is part of Reptilian’s Keystone Noise Series, which features abrasive sonic goodness from the Keystone state.
  3. Dijin says:
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  4. Tygohn says:
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  5. Karan says:
    This 7" on Reptilian, part 4 of their "keystone noise series", carves another notch into FIGHT AMP's developing legacy. "no trace" is a riffy and melodic, tight and precise jam that recalls TAR or QUICKSAND's better moments, while "hide your teeth" is a gritty pummeler showcasing the band's high/low, dual-vocal split and propulsive heaviness.
  6. Kigazragore says:
    Jan 12,  · After the installation i was hearing a high pitched white noise, I turned the volume to 0 (no noise obviously) then to 1 and the constant noise would start. Turning the radio up farther than 1 didnt increase the white noise but i could still hear it.

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